Direct Output Tutorial
for customers
Our best-in-class X5 online ordering system and X5 Mobile App are designed for our valued customers. It runs 24/7 continuously to receive files. It handles all the processing automatically. Your plate can be printed within minutes.
Follow the simple steps below to setup your computer.
Cloud Disk Functions

Toolbar Icons: Next Page Sorting Search Cloud Disk Functions: View Save Print Email Thumbnail Blueprint Plate Film CUPS VPS CIP3…

Check Payments

Tap on “Payments” in the menu.   You can check 3 kinds of payment records, which are Day, Month, and…

Trace Active Orders

In the menu, select “Active Orders”, the red rectangle in the picture.   The default screen shows “Processing” orders, you…

How to Place Order?

There are currently three different types of Orders: Blueprint, Plate, and Film. Let’s take a look at the Blueprint. The…


We provide a perfect solution for offset printing business to cut cost. We understand that it is very time and money consuming to own Film/Zinc Plate printing machine. Also, ordering different plate size for inventory is painful. It is right on time that we provide a convenient way to overcome this situation. Tremendous amount of money can be saved each year.

X5 online ordering system has been developed for years. We started working as a pre-press printing service providers since 1994. We are always moving forward. Our first developed X3 system was launched in 2010. It worked great and served our customers excellently. However, its limitation was approaching after few years. Our technical team has redesigned it and renamed it as X5 in 2018. A lot of new features has been included, including Virtual Proofing. We believe we have found a perfect solution to traditional offset printing industry. We are proud to present to you our all-new X5 online ordering system.