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Direct Output
A New Online Printing System, Leading To Success.
Direct Output
Direct Output X5 ordering system is a perfect toolbox for printing CTP Zinc Plates online.
Solution PERFECT Enjoy the easiness of Direct Output. Powerful Multi-Purpose ordering system with Awesome Outputing Speed Explore
Direct Output

X5 Online Ordering System

Fast & Reliable

Our latest creation, X5 Ordering System, can receive outputting files and orders automatically. It reduces human errors and runs 24/7. All incoming files will be analyzed and transformed into outputting file format instantly once you print your file to our printers. It is capable to handle really large amount of printings. Final product can be picked up within minutes.

Enhance Productivity

Traditional offset printing had tremendous amount of problems slowing down the whole printing process. Our automated X5 Ordering System can handle thousands of outputting files flawlessly. Its high reliability boosts up the whole printing process and also your productivity. We assure you that our products will be the finest within the industry.

Hug Coverage, yet Secured

We treat your file security as our top priority. Our X5 Ordering System is a man-power free automated system. Unless there is a special request from you, asking our technicians to process your file by hand, otherwise, our staff will not open your file. We regularly delete all completed jobs to secure your privacy. Feel safe to use our service.

Self Served Outputting Station

We aim to build a manpower free Self Served Outputting Station. Once your outputting product is ready, X5 Ordering System will notify you to pick up at the station. Just come and pay with any kind of e-payments. In case you are not able to pick up, we can offer a few delivery plans at different charges.


Customers can enjoy the benefits of cloud technology. Most of the problems that we had in traditional printing industry are eliminated.

  • Works on all OS, Windows, Mac, etc
  • Reliable servers working 24/7
  • Virtual Proofing
  • Unique QR code tracks your order
  • All file types are compatible
  • Supports all kind of software version
  • USB flash drive transferring days are over
  • No more missing image in the raw file

Our X5 Ordering System is running 24/7. It processes CTP Zinc Plate and CTF Film faster than anyone in the industry. From the time customers place an order in X5 system, it takes only minutes to complete printing. With the help of a self-served outputting station and electronic payments, you can pick up your outputting products shortly.

Time is money. We try to make our system automatic to cut your time waiting.

Nustar Production Company was founded in 1994. We provide pre-press outputting services for over 25 years. We are experienced in traditional offset printing and digital printing pre-press output. Our staffs are professional and well trained. We are seeking to provide the best technical support and customer service. We are able to handle any type of file, solving any output difficulties.

  • Direct Output X5 is our latest and highly recommended online ordering system
  • Virtual Proofing is a big advantage for customers to review the file before output
  • We still handle Adobe PostScript and PDF files
  • Raw file output are also welcome
The fastest CTP Zinc Plate Output
in Hong Kong.

3 Simple Steps

X5 ordering system is the most revolutionary creation in printing industry. It is much reliable than traditional process. It prevents problems with file format, variations of software, or language compatibility. It speeds up the whole outputting process in an incredible rate. To enjoy the benefit of X5 system, you only need to do 3 steps.


register account

Access X5 system through here. Register a new account and a unique company ID number will be assigned automatically.

install drivers

Synology: access our cloud server
VPS viewer: preview your final product in CMYK color
Cloud printer: print your file.

start printing

Print your file to our cloud printer. X5 system will do the processing automatically. Place an order stating the details of handling. CTP Zinc plate will be ready shortly.


CTF Film Output
Customer who needs CTF film for their printing machines are always welcome to place order though our X5 system.
CTP Zinc Output
CTP Zinc Plate output has always been our first priority for years. We provide the fastest CTP Zinc Plate output in Hong Kong.
Blueprint Service
We offer a blueprint service, creating a chance that you can check whether there is a color difference between the incoming file and final output.
Not a scam. A real design for offset printing!

Things we can do for you

We aim to provide the fastest CTP Zinc Plate output service in Hong Kong. Any offset printing company should choose our service since we could help to cut your cost on owning those space consuming machines and time consuming work. The traditional ways are almost over. X5 online ordering system and X5 mobile app give a revolutionary impact to traditional offset printing industry. Here are the few things we can do for our customers:

Redesigned in 2018.

All customers who use our old X3 system are recommended to upgrade to X5 immediately to enjoy newly developed functions and our all-new X5 mobile app.

Runs on all OS:

Windows, MacOS.

Supports most browsers:

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.

X5 Mobile App allows users to use their mobile device to track the order, set priority of your jobs, receive alert messages about order status.

Supports Android and iOS.

Our Cloud Drive provides a storage space for customer artworks, all files generated during processing, and software tools required for the x5 system. Customer can request more storage upon request.

X5 system automatically adds a unique QR code to each plate. The QR code works for any QR coder reader. It tracks the status of the order through X5 Mobile app. When the order is completed, X5 Mobile app will notify customer to pick up the product.

Virtual Proofing helps customer to proof read every detail of their job file once more before the actual printing. It minimizes the chance of unwanted marks appearing on the final product. Our returning customers give Virtual Proofing function a very high score.

Direct Print is a new way to output. Our customers directly export the CTF Film through the cloud printer or directly release the CTP Zinc Plate. So, what is the reason of using it? Designer may have encountered the following problems whenever he wants to print out the film or zinc plate:

The output company will call on you to say:

Sorry, your file is upside down. Please try uploading it again.
Sorry, we don’t have some fonts in your file. You can try to convert the font into an outline and upload it again.
Sorry, some of the drawings in your file are missing. You must upload the missing picture to us.
Sorry, we don’t have the software version you are using, so it can’t be output for you.
Sorry, we do not support foreign language files.

We believe that everyone has encountered the above situation in traditional pre-press output. However, with the help of our developed X5 Direct Output system, the above problems are no longer existed. Direct Output is straightforward and time-saving.

What is the benefit ?

  • No missing fonts
  • No font incompatible problem
  • No missing image in the upload file
  • No software version problem
  • Support for double-byte (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Fast order tracking
  • Balance checking

Do not want to try our awesome X5 ordering system?

The second choice is to export the file you want to output to PS or PDF file format and upload it to our cloud server, for either CTP Film or CTP Zinc Plate.

This is another way of output, similar to Direct Print but not directly to our cloud printers. Customer is not allowed to use our great Virtual Proofing service. Customer has to take the risk that final product may contain unwanted marks in the uploaded file. Virtual Proofing service is highly recommended.

As the name implies, the original artwork output is to upload your original artwork files.

And then, our professional output technician will process your files.

Using our service is definitely the right choice. Our technician are well trained in rigor and professionalism. With years of experience in traditional and digital output, we are committed to provide the most careful technical support and quality services. We handle any type of file quickly, efficiently, and solving complex problems.

We accept the following Mac or PC file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Pagemaker
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Freehand
  • QuarkXpress
  • Microsoft Word

X5 Mobile Apps for iPhone & Android

Make / Modify Orders
Customer can initiate an order using X5 Mobile. Make any changes through the App anytime.
Order Checking
Keep track of the order status. The App will notify customer if the order status has changed.
Auto Ripping
Our system will rip the incoming files automatically. Adding an unique QR Code and job number to make tracking easy.
Responsive Message
X5 mobile keeps updating our customer about their order once the order has been initiated.
Assigning Priority
X5 will give priority to jobs and sort accordingly. It helps giving a better handling in overall operations.
Job Finished Notification
When the order is completed, the App will notify customer their product is ready for pick up or shipment.
The more you print,
the cheaper per sheet.
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Cloud printing is a big lead. We are aiming to use this technology to provide a new way to provide pre-press printing service. Our system helps you to cut your cost. You do not need to own those space consuming machine and Zinc Plate inventory. We can do it at a low cost with perfect delivering option upon your desire. We try to make our system better everyday. We cooperate with logistic partners to deliver all products right on time.

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